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Highlands Bible Church Meets in the former St. Thomas Episcopal Church at 307 Route 94, Vernon, NJ 07462

Worship Services

Sundays at Highlands Bible Church are set aside for corporate worship at 9:30am. Our worship service is designed to glorify God and encourage the church body. It always includes singing of worshipful songs (some from ages past, some from today), prayer, and a sermon that explains a passage from the Bible. As we gather we hope to exalt God together, know Him more intimately, love Him more, and be better equipped to serve Him daily.


Sermons at Highlands Bible Church will usually be from a continuing series in a book of the Bible. If you happen to forget your Bible we have some on hand that we will gladly lend you.

What to Wear

The “dress code” is simple: honor God with your apparel. Both men and women should dress modestly – we’re trying to focus on God, not ourselves.


Those in our congregation who want to give financially to the church may do so anytime before or after the service at the Giving Box located at the back of the sanctuary or online here. If you are visiting with us please enjoy the service — we do not expect visitors to give.

Care Groups

We regularly gather in small groups at various locations and times in Care Groups, where, in a more intimate setting, we dig deeper into God’s Word and pray for each other as we grow in Christ-likeness. Get more info on Care Groups here.

We are confident that as you participate in worship at Highlands Bible Church you will grow in your love for Jesus Christ. We would love for you to come and worship God with us.