Gospel Growth in the Suburbs

Pastor Ryan and Pastor Mike recently had the opportunity to speak at the Gospel Coalition MidAtlantic conference.  Below is a brief summary of their session. Church growth will always be a hot topic, particularly in the suburbs.  Whether it’s something … Continued

Gospel Balance

Things sure seem to be polarized these days. One tour of Facebook or Twitter and you will see Christians on both sides of whatever the debate of the week is. Sometimes, we just want to ask “Which side should I … Continued

Work-Life Balance

Work life balance has become a buzz word in the working world.  With the advent of mobile phones there can be no boundary line between career and home. People no longer are in the office from 9 to 5, they … Continued

Ministering to the Poor

When you escape the American bubble and get into a 3rd world country you are overwhelmed by many things.  Perhaps the most impactful is poverty.  In the US we are surrounded by materialism and overflowing abundance in all things—not just … Continued