What a Difference a Year Makes!

I just took a few moments to check Facebook and I see a post by a new family at Highlands, with their picture and under it says “Jesus is the greatest gift.”  1 year ago, I didn’t know this family.  They were in Vernon, right under our noses and now they have joined our new church family and they have become very dear to us.

Mel and I were remarking recently that this year, we have a lot more Christmas cards to send out – we have a lot more new families and friends on our list. 

A year ago, our Launch Team was being commissioned at the morning services of Green Pond Bible Chapel.  There were tears, hugs, some fear of the unknown and lot of hope that God would move to establish His church.

What a difference a year makes. A year later, we can see that He has.  When we look back at all the ways we have seen God work, it is amazing. 

One church planter wrote that “the church is God’s ‘Plan A’, there is no ‘Plan B’.”  Ephesians tells us that he has established the church to display the manifold wisdom of God through the gospel of Jesus. 

The church is one of the things that God promises will not fail – it literally cannot fail in it’s mission, because it is God who will establish it.  On the foundation of the gospel, Jesus famously tells Peter in Matthew 16:18 that “on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it.

This isn’t exclusively Highlands church, or Green Pond church, or the church in America, but the “capital C” church.  God’s “Plan A” cannot fail because He will establish His Church through the faithful proclamation of and perseverance in the gospel. We are just instruments in his hand, diligently working to bring Him glory by making and maturing disciples of Jesus Christ.

So, a year later, we can see the God is doing His work, keeping His promise, establishing His church.  This Christmas gives us a chance to reflect on all that, thank Him for the new friends and families he has brought us, but most importantly – thank him for the the greatest gift – Jesus His Son.

Onward to 2017!

-Pastor Mike

4 Responses to “What a Difference a Year Makes!”

  1. Barbara & Don Downs

    We have been following Highlands since God directed Green Pond Church to form this new church. This was a dream of former Pastor John Lusk. I’m sure he is thrilled to know this has happened. We have followed you through all this. We are so thankful to this Lord for guiding all the workers to develop this church. We will keep Highlands in prayer as it further developes in 2017. God Bless all.

  2. Kim Anderson

    So thankful for our new church family at Highlands/ Greenpond ! You have been truly the biggest blessing to us . Bringing us the gospel week after week ~ praying for our family ~ the fellowship ~ ladies bible study at Doreen’s ~ God is so good ! Glad to be onward to 2017 with you as our church and pastor .


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