Call to Prayer

2017 is shaping up to be a pretty big year for Highlands Bible Church.  Why do I say that?  I’ll give you three reasons.

First, we continue to grow, and by grow I don’t mean people just stopping by – I mean families who are making Highlands their church home.  That is so exciting and encouraging!  Second, we continue to preach God’s word and apply it to our lives.  I have the best “job” in the world.  I get to preach the Bible.  It’s not up to me to be dynamic, or motivational – God gives us his message.  We diligently study it and then submit to it.  Third…in a word…opportunity. We are getting closer to getting a building and that is overwhelming.  We were brainstorming/dreaming with a few people from our team yesterday and several times we just stopped, shook our heads as we thought out the opportunities to expand the reach of the gospel in our community.

That all leads us to prayer.  (You thought I just titled this post, and then forgot about it, right?)  We are completely dependent on God.  We do none of this in our own strength or our own power, because it’s really not about us – it’s about God.

Matt Chandler, from the Village Church recently preached on prayer and he shared many of the prayers of the New Testament.  Church – want to know how to pray?  Pray for these things:

  • That God would exalt his name in the world
  • That God would extend his kingdom
  • That the gospel would speed ahead and be honored in the world
  • For the fullness of the Holy Spirit
  • That God would vindicate His people and their cause
  • That God would save unbelievers
  • For boldness in proclamation of the gospel
  • For signs and wonders
  • For healing
  • For the casting out of demons and miraculous deliverances
  • For the raising of the dead
  • That God would supply their people with all their necessities
  • For strategic wisdom
  • That God would establish Pastors and Elders in the mission
  • That God would send out missionaries
  • That missionaries would be successful
  • For unity and harmony in the church
  • For the encouragement that comes from togetherness
  • For a mind of discernment
  • For a knowledge of God’s will
  • To know God better
  • To comprehend the power and love of Christ
  • For a deeper sense of assured hope
  • That their faith would not be destroyed
  • For greater faith
  • That they wouldn’t fall into temptation
  • That God would complete their good resolve
  • That they would do good works
  • That God would forgive them of their sins
  • For protection from the evil one


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