Care Groups


What is a Care Group?

A Care Group (CG) is a small gathering of Highlands members and attenders in a home setting. We try to keep CG’s on the small side (8-10ish) so that you can get to know each other in a more casual setting. CG’s usually involve one or more of the following: laughing, snacking, coffee drinking, deeper discussion of recent sermon topics, occasional sharing of deep thoughts, prayer, more coffee drinking, probably more laughing. Highlands CG’s are strategically spread out in the Vernon area.


Meets at Highlands Bible Church
Mondays [Weekly] at 7:00pm
Pastor Mike and Melanie leading

Vernon/Lamp Post

Len and Doreen Baxter
1st Friday [Monthly] at 7:00pm

Highland Lakes

Marc and Stacey Bray
2nd Sunday [Monthly] at 5:00pm
Family Focused – Dinner provided!


Rob and Anna DeJulia
3rd Friday [Monthly] at 7:00pm


To ask any questions or sign up for any of these groups please Contact us!